Hi There!

I’m a bioinformatician working in Genomics Applications at the Science for Life Laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden. I also do website design and photography.

I have a few other sites which may be of interest:

If you’re trying to hunt me down, I’ve put together a list of where I am on the web – if in doubt you can always drop me an e-mail!

What I Do // Science

I work as a bioinformatician at the Science for Life Laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m part of the Genomics Applications facility, helping to develop new analysis pipelines and methodologies to work with different types of next-generation sequencing data.

I’m particularly interested in epigenetics – how marks on and around DNA can affect the way that it is interpreted. I also have a soft spot for releasing software which is well documented and easy to use.

For further information, you can see my online CV. Most of my code is released on GitHub: @ewels


I have released a few simple bioinformatic tools that I’ve written for general use:

  • niceLiftOver – a simple tool to take a data input file and liftOver the genome co-ordinates in place, leaving all other data intact.
  • Cluster Flow – a package written to run bioinformatics processing pipelines in a cluster environment.
  • Labrador – a web based tool to manage projects and automate the processing of publicly available datasets.
  • Cytoband Converter – takes cytogenetic band (ideogram) names for mouse or human and converts them to genomic coordinates, or vice versa.
  • Sequences – simple, lightweight tool for finding the reverse compliment of DNA or RNA sequences. Also available on github.
  • Genome RE Sites – script to generate genomic coordinates for the recognition site of any restriction endonuclease in mouse or human.


What I Do // Web

I’ve been making websites for a number of years, ranging from scientific conference websites to event ticket sales sites and company brand websites.

I am registered as a sole trader in the UK under the name Customised Web. I’ve also put together a list of links showing my activity across sites on Where I am on the web.

I’m experienced in the common coding languages of the web: PHP, SQL, JavaScript, HTML amongst others, and am very experienced in development with WordPress.

Where I am on the web

These days, you can find most of my code up on GitHub: @ewels

I also keep a basic blog running at tallphil.co.uk – here are some of the latest posts:

Aside from there, you can also find me on the usual suspects:

LinkedIn twitter skype flickr deviantArt last.fm YouTube


Whatever the reason, I’m always happy to hear from people. Please do drop me an e-mail…

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