// Phil Ewels

Hi there! I'm a bioinformatician at the Science for Life Laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden.

I am interested in epigenetics - the study of how DNA modifications affect the way that it is interpreted by the cell. I've worked extensively with bisulfite sequencing data to investigate DNA-methylation. I've also worked with Hi-C, a technique that probes the three-dimensional structure of chromatin within the cell nucleus. You can see my publications on ResearchGate.

In addition to biological data analysis, I also develop packages to aid other researchers. I wrote Cluster Flow, a tool to run analysis pipelines, and Labrador, a web-based tool to manage public data at research institutes. All of my code is available on GitHub as open-source software.

I have written and delivered a training course about Scientific Figure Design and maintain a suite of visualization scripts at the National Genomics Infrastructure at SciLifeLab. I write a blog about this and other things at tallphil.co.uk.

In addition to scientific programming, I develop websites and am interested in visual communication. I run a website design company in my spare time called Customised Web and have released a number of WordPress plugins.

If you're interested in working with me or my code, don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail using the form below. For more details about me, see my online CV.